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The Promenade

The promenade stretches along the shore of the Ełk Lake in the heart of the city. Over 6 km of walking and cycling paths are ideal for a walk, family hike or roller-skating. Beautiful views improve the mood, and the distance from the busy streets will provide peace and quiet. Right on the promenade there are many attractions for children, including two large playgrounds, a square with the pavement fountain, a sun clock and three parks: rope, educational and sports.

The promenade is very tempting as it has picturesque scenery, food and pubs (about 20 ), where you can taste the best traditional Masurian dishes and desserts. Additional advantage is the location of different kinds of accommodation near the lake.

Water Park

There are three swimming pools in Ełk Water Park: a sports swimming pool, a pool with 12 hydromassage beds and a leisure pool ( equipped with: water massage, waterfalls, water whips, 5 children slides, a climbing rope, so called "Monkey grove", a barrel, basketball and water gym (aqua spinning and treadmill). In addition, the Water Park has a water slide of 106 meters.

There are also whirlpools, two dry saunas (70 ° C and 100 ° C), two steam saunas (for 8 and 20 people, temperature up to 40 ° C), infra-red sauna (infrared, temperature up to 55 ° C ) and ice cave (about - 15 ° C).

Address: 29 Piłsudski Street, Ełk
Tel. :+48 87 610 38 38,

Monday – Friday : 6 a.m. – 10 p.m.
Saturday, Sunday and holidays : 8 a.m. – 10 p.m.

 Prices : 8-13 zł per hour  (2,00 – 3,25 $;  1,86 – 3,00 €)


Rope Park

The rope park is situated right on the banks of the Ełk Lake. It consists of three routes of various degrees of difficulty - adjusted to the age of the users. Low and high paths extend between the crowns of trees and specially mounted columns.
A toddler tour - intended for children between the age of 3 and 12; It consists of 12 obstacles and measures approximately 63 meters in length,
Low route - for people over 8 years of age; It consists of 20 obstacles and is about 120 meters long,
High route - for youth and adults; It is almost in the crown of the trees; It consists of 12 obstacles and is about 178 meters long.

Address:10 Grunwaldzka Street
Tel.: +48 665 682 280

Open :
Monday – Sunday  10 a.m.  - 6 p.m.

Prices :  7- 9 zł  route: low, high   (1,75 – 2,25 $; 1,63 – 2,09 €)

Skatepark, parkour, pumtruck i rollerblades tracks

Skatepark and parkour are situated in Parkowa street near the city beach. This is a place where young people can develop their passions and interests in sports such as : cycling, skating or skateboarding. They also have the opportunity to use the free running track located near the Local Government Schools Team/ Zespół Szkół Samorządowych. In turn, the pumptruck, or the ground obstacle course for cycling, is located close to John Paul II Square (center).

Skatepark, parkour

Address: 9 Parkowa 9 Street, 19-300 Ełk
Tel. :+48 87 610 97 00

Monday – Friday    7 a.m. – 10 p.m.
Saturday – Sunday  9 a.m. – 9 p.m


Tennis courts and playgrounds for team games

There are three tennis courts (two grassy and one polyurethane) available seven days a week at the Municipal Sports and Recreation Center (Piłsudski Street). Those who do not have private equipment and would like to play on the spot can rent tennis rackets and balls. MOSiR (Municipal Sports and Recreation Center ) also organizes amateur tennis tournaments, which can be enjoyed by any fan of this sport.

MOSiR (Municipal Sports and Recreation Center ) is also equipped with a multi-purpose field for team games: two volleyball and three basketball courts. It can be also interesting that, almost every housing estate in the city has invested in the construction of concrete streetball pitches, which can be used free of charge.

Address:27 Piłsudskiego Street , 19-300 Ełk
Tel. :+48 669 111 818 and +48 87 610 38 38 ext. 142

Monday – Friday    7 a.m.  – 10 p.m.
Saturday – Sunday  9 a.m. 
– 9 p.m.


Rock climbing wall

The wall is located in the sports hall at Primary School No. 2 (Maleckich Street). The maximum height of the wall is 11 m, while the overhangs extend to 6.5 m. The wall width is 18.5 m and the total usable area is over 190 m2. The wall is equipped with 15 individual safety belts and 80 additional safety belts, as well as 700 climbing grips, rope suspension system, vertical mattress mounting system, 20 harnesses, ropes, carbines, etc. The difficulty scale of the trails varies from 4 to 6, 3. The children can use the wall successfully if they are over 6 years old.

Address: Primary School  of  I Dyw. T. Kościuszki  Nr 2
1 Małeckich Street, 19-300 Ełk Telephone: +48 87 732 60 32

Open :
Monday 5 p.m. – 9 p.m.
Thursday 5 p.m. – 9 p.m. 
Saturday  10 a.m. – 2 p.m.


Outdoor gyms

Inhabitants and tourists can enjoy free use of the outdoor gyms in different parts of the city throughout the year. Properly selected sets for exercises of different body parts, including the abdomen, the legs, the back, the chest and hands make it possible to exercise freely (both

for athletes and amateurs)

Gyms located at :

·         Municipal Sports and Recreation Center  (27 Piłsudski 27 Street )

·         Sport Park  (Wojska Polskiego Street )

·         The promenade next to Primary School nr 7 (Kiliński Street)

·         Primary School  nr 3 (Grodzieńska Street)

·         Jeziorna District  (next to the promenade)


Nicolaus Copernicus Education Park

The educational park refers to the planetary system and constellations. The function and name of the park is underlined by the sculpture of Nicolaus Copernicus located on one of over 50 park benches. The solar system is composed of 10 granite balls of different colors. Each of them has a plate mounted in the sidewalk with information about the planet including: the name, mass, the distance from the Sun or diameter. The size of the balls are varied, too. The biggest star - the Sun has a diameter of 170 cm. The aim of the park is to educate children and young people in the field of astronomy and physics. For the youngest visitors, there is also a playground in the form of constellations of "Little Car" and "Big Car". The stellar system allows children to climb and walk freely. Moreover, animal lovers can feed ducks and swans in the river flowing nearby.


Sports and Recreation Park

The sports park provides the inhabitants and tourists with a place for outdoor sports training and family integration. There is a 400 m long treadmill and four training stations with strength and fitness equipment. Push rods, pushrod forks, abdominal benches, jumping benches and climbing ropes, orbits and so-called 'butterfly"

Additionally, there are two children's swings, as well as ball rockers, picnic tables and park benches. There are two ponds separated by a wooden bridge, swans and ducks , which altogehter gives charming and family atmosphere.


Solidarity Park

The oldest park in Ełk. By the end of World War II, it had the name of the Queen Luisa - in honor of the Prussian Queen - Frederic Wilhelm III's wife. The park has got a nineteenth-century fountain, as well as monuments of Michał Kajka and one erected in memory of "Have fallen for Free and Independent Poland". There are also fragments of the former Hindenburg monument there. Natural monuments can also be found in the park: a common oak, a common beech and a maple sycamore. Additional attractions include special chess tables. The park is located in the quarter of Armii Krajowa, 3rd Maj, Mickiewicz and Maleckich Streets.

The Square with the Sun clock

The three-level square with a view terrace on the Ełk Lake is located in the very center of the city. It is located at the intersection of Wojska Polskiego, Zamkowa and Pułaski streets.

There is a a cascade of cascades drains over the stone wall just beneath the viewing terrace. At the highest level of the square you can find the biggest attraction for children - especially during  hot summer days - a pavement fountain consisting of children foaming and illuminated water nozzles. They create water images of about 200 cm high. There is a bronze statue of water nymph next to it. A square with a solar clock is slightly lower. The individual levels of the square are connected by pedestrians and terrestrial stairs and by a bicycle path.

John Paul II Square

The square is located in the city center by the Ełk River. Formerly known as Saper Square. The name was changed after a visit of the Pope John Paul II in 1999.There is a monument of the Holy Father, a boat-shaped concert scene, as well as a fountain and park benches illuminated at night. While walking in the park it is possible to see the exhibition of photographs, prepared by the Historical Museum in Ełk, stretching along the alley :"Ełk. The back of history or the center of modernity? ".There is a playground for children, Copernicus Park and pumptrack near the square.


Ełk Narrow-Gauge Railway

Historic Ełk Narrow-Gauge Railway was established in 1912-1918. It is one of the biggest tourist attractions of the city and one of the few still working in Poland. In summer, you can take a picturesque trip to Sypitki near Ełk. Being on the narrow gauge station, it is also worth visiting the rolling stock and the unique Museum of Railway.

Address: 1 Wąski Tor Street, 19-300 Ełk
Tel: + 48 87 610 00 00

Timetable in tourist season  2017:

May 1st,2nd,3rd

June 1st,3rd,10th,17th,24th,27th,29th

July 1st,2nd ,4th ,6th ,8th,9th ,11th, 13th,15th,16th ,18th,20th,22nd,23rd,25th, 27th, 29th,30th

August 1st,3rd,5th,6th,8th,10th,12th,13th,15th,17th,19th,20th,22nd, 24th,26th,27th,29th, 31st

The route Ełk – Sypitki – Ełk.

Departure from Ełk at 10 a.m. 
Departure from Sypitki at 12:15

Tickets :
: 20 zł (5,00 $;  4,65 €)
Discounts  (children and students ): 10 zł (2,50 $;  2,33 €)
Children under 5: for free (obligatory adult's care)



In addition to sports and leisure activities for the whole family, the city has a very attractive offer concerning culture . The 2017 Events Calendar is available on the website: www.elk.pl

Ełk Cultural Center

It is the largest cultural center in the district of Ełk and one of the most active cultural centers in the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship. It has been the source of art, culture and entertainment in our region for over 60 years. An important element of Ełk Cultural Center is a cinema equipped with Dolby Surround (7.1) sound system and 2D and 3D digital image quality.
ECC's offer is aimed at all people regardless of the age. Children, young people, adults and seniors have the opportunity to experience culture and art. ECC means : numerous concerts (including instrumental, jazz, pop, classical and sacral music), art and art workshops (there are two workshops: ceramic and modeling), theater classes and performances, attractive cinema's offer.
In addition, ECC has its own music groups: GOSPELELK, the Masurian Song and Dance Ensemble (folklore) and the Senior Choir "Pojezierze". There are two galleries in the building ŚLAD and HOLL, where exhibitions are held throughout the year (photo shoots, works of art, stamps ).

Ełk Cultural Center
Address: 47 Wojska Polskiego Street , 19-300 Ełk,
Tel.: +48 87 621 52 50, www.eck.elk.pl


Ełk Cultural Center / Cinema

The cinema of Ełk Cultural Center is dedicated to different age groups: children, adolescents, adults and seniors (attractive price discounts ).

Masurian Cinema under the Stars -watching the most interesting movies free of charge.
(July : 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th; August:1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th).

Ełk Cultural Center / Cinema  address: 47 Wojska Polskiego Street, 19-300 Ełk Tel: +48 87 621 52 50

There is also Cinema Planet located in „Brama Mazur”  Shopping Mall . Address: 1 Plac Miejski , 19-300 Ełk

The Amphitheater of Ełk Cultural Center

It is a three-storey structure of concrete and glass that rises to the height of twenty meters. The Amphitheater scene has two portals: one directed towards the Ełk Lake and another towards the audience (1367 seats).
There are numerous attractions : annual outdoor cultural events, such as  "Tęcza" / “Rainbow” Festival, "Mulatka" Masurian Summer Cabaret or the outdoor show of Masurian Cinemas under the Stars and concerts. These events are very popular among the inhabitants of Elk and other Polish cities. Both modern and visually minimalistic amphitheater is undoubtedly a cultural landmark of our city.

Address: 47 Wojska Polskiego Street, 19-300 Ełk Tel.: +48 87 621 52 50 

Musical and stage art activities

Ełk choirs and bands

City Brass Orchestra  OSP / Volunteer Fire Department in Ełk - The orchestra began its activity in winter 1967/68, and since then the Orchestra has continued to grow and flourish. The orchestra has been actively involved in local ceremonies of different kinds  for many years and also gives cincerts abroad.

Kontrapunkt Choir – The choir consists of 50 people representing different backgrounds. Singing in a choir is for many of them fulfilling their dreams, developing common interests and sharing the joy of work, which is enthusiastically accepted by the spectators at concerts. Much of the repertoire is sacred music, but the choir also enjoys other genres of music: folk music, negro spirituals, opera and operetta music, choral stage plays, entertainment songs, Polish music. KONTRAPUNKT tours in Elk and its surroundings, creating a musical setting for many celebrations. It also represents our city abroad.

Mazurski Zespół Pieśni i Tańca (MZPiT) /Masurian Song and Dance Group – The  group represents and popularizes the cultural values of many regions by presenting the beauty of music and dance, songs and costumes. It presents their traditional form on the stage. The group was founded in 2001, operates in Ełk Cultural Center and so far it has been a wonderful representation of the city. Today the band has 120 members and consists of six groups: four dance groups, a band and a vocal group, where people from Ełk region spend their free time dancing, playing and singing together regardless of their age.

„Pojezierze” Choir of seniors – The band was formed in 1981. Many of people who love folk and Masurian songs contributed to the band's formation. Today, "Pojezierze" is working in Ełk Cultural Center and continues to develop and sustain the tradition of our beautiful Masurian land.

The Art School

The Art  School has been working in structure of Ełk Cultural Center since 2008. Its mission is popularizing culture through socio-cultural animation and promoting activities concerning cultural interaction. The Art School also carries out programs in the School of Music I and II. At school there are classes such as : dance, plastic and manual, music, theatre and in area of information technology.


The Art School Address: 21 Armii Krajowej Street, 19-300 Ełk Tel.: 87 520 00 48  www.szkolaartystyczna.elk.pl

The Historical Museum:

In 2011, the "Museum for Ełk" association was established, bringing together people supporting the institution. In 2012, however, the councilors accepted a resolution on the creation of the Historical Museum in Elk located in a tenement house ( Maleckich Street ). One of the most important events in the life of the museum was the takeover of the historic Ełk Narrow- Gauge Railway ( 2014 ) , which was the occasion to create the concept of the establishment called the Railway Science Center.

Currently, many activities for children, young people and adults are held in the museum (photo exhibitions and thematic conferences ).

Address: 3/2Małeckich Street, 19-300 Ełk
Tel.: +48 87 732 02 83 www.mhe-elk.pl


City Public Library of the name of Zofia Nasierowska

The scope of the Ełk Library goes beyond the promotion of reading and borrowing books. In 2007 there was a virtual reading room equipped with 10 computer stations and wireless Internet. There are also two separate computer laboratories: for children and for adults (use of the Internet is free of charge).All year round, the Library organizes interesting meetings, classes and workshops not only for the youngest but also for the elderly of Elk, too. Moreover, there are various forms of work implemented by the library, such as workshops, meetings with interesting people, courses, poetry evenings. It provides the development and realization of the needs of everyone, regardless of education or age. The library has over 300 books in English. The library also rents board games.

Address: 17B Armii Krajowej Street , 19-300 Ełk
Tel.+48 87 6103739, www.biblioteka.elk.pl



Mazurskie tężnie solankowe Gołdap  / Masurian Brian Graduation Towers in Gołdap

Pijalnia Wód Mineralnych i Leczniczych / Pump Room of Mineral and Medicinal Waters

Promenada Zdrojowa 20
19-500 Gołdap
Tel. +48 887-800-300

Augustów canal – boat cruises
Shipping Augustów – Catamaran Port
Boulevards over Netta
Reservation and information : +48 515 159 860
Organized groups: +48 501 699 616
Foreign customers: +48 515 159 862

Mikołajki Harbour – boat cruises
Plac Wolności 15, 11-730 Mikołajki
tel./fax.+48 87 421 61 02