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Elk is a very active city, offering a wide range of sports, leisure, cultural, musical and culinary attractions and events for people of all ages. The city provides various attractions and takes great advantage of all its strengths and available space: land and water and during Masurian Balloon Competition also air!
However, Elk can be really admired for its positive energy felt by every resident and tourist . Elk simply shares the best: joy, good humor and activity.

Selected events in  2017:

Sports and leisure events:

·         Professional Boxing Gala  (May 6th)

·         RUNMAGEDDON – an extreme obstacle course   : 6 and 12 km (June 24th - 25th)

·         IX National Streetball Tournament (July 1st)

·         Aqua Fiesta – swimming marathon, a family canoing competition and  playing on floating equipment  (July 9th)

·         X Masurian Balloons Competition – balloons competition with the participation of teams from Poland and abroad  (July 20th - 22nd ), the night show, a street parade , concerts

·         MTB  Competition Masurian Star  - cycling marathon (August 12th - 14th )

·         Rowery na orientację / Bicycles for orientation – an amateur cycling race for orientation (September 3rd )

·         Zorientuj się na Ełk/ Take a look at Ełk – a family competition in orientation marches (April 9th, May 28th, September 17th, October 8th  )

·         Indoor Football League – Amateur Football Games (November – December )

·         Masurian Gala MMA – Gala of Mixed Martial Arts  (November 4th)

Running events:

·         Polska Biega / Running Poland– the distance of 3333 metres – the race in the streets of Ełk  (May 21st )

·         Racing 5-10-15 – an amateur racing in three distances (August 20th )

·         X Ełk Half Marathon – running 21 km (October 15th )

·         Bieg Papieski / Papal Run – school racing for children   (October 17th )

·         Independence Run – running at the distance of  3333 m (November 11th)

Entertainment and cultural events:

·         National Children 's Day Festival (June 1st )

·         Disco Polo Gala – disco polo bands ' concert (June  9th )

·         HIP HOP Raport Project Ełk –  Hip Hop music festival (June 29th – July 2nd )

·         "TĘCZA" / „RAINBOW” International Folk Festival – dancing groups from the whole world. Street parades with the participation of the groups. The concert of KURNA CHATA band  (June 30th - July 2nd)

·         "Ogień i Woda" / „Fire and Water” Ełk Pyrotechnic Arts Festival  – one of the biggest pyrotechnic festivals in Poland . We will be able to admire shows of teams from Ukraine, Germany and Poland (July 7th – 8th )

·         EFKA –Ełk Festival of Alternative Culture (July 14th -15th )

·         Jazz Festival –the first edition of the festival featuring the greatest jazz stars .: Leszek Możdżer, Dorota Miśkiewicz, Anna Maria Jopek and Wojtek Mazolewski Quintet (July 23rd , 28th - 29th )

·         "Mulatka" Masurian Cabaret Summer  – the oldest cabaret review in the North East region of Poland  (August 3rd – 5th )

·         The night on the Promenade – an electronic music concert (August 12th )

·         Festival : Ełk for Three Octaves /  Ełk na Trzy Oktawy – outdoor  meetings with classical and symphony music (August 18th - 20th )

·         Hunting Festival  (September 9th)

·         Masurian Cinema under the Stars – outdoor watching the movies free of charge (in the amphitheater near the lake). The world's most interesting productions on the big screen. July 4th,11th, 18th , 25th ; August1st, 8th ,15th , 22nd , 29th .

·         Ełk Concerts of Organ and Chamber Music –  Classic Ensemble (May 7th , June 4th , June 25th , August 6th , September 3rd , October 1st )

·         Dance by the clock  – a dance for everyone with live music
(June 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th  / July 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th  / August 6th, 13th 20th , 27th )


·         Robert Kasprzycki (April 20th )

·         Voo Voo (June 16th )

·         Bovska (July 7th )

·         Natalia Nykiel (July 8th )

·         MARGARET (July 21st )

·         DODA (August 5th )

·         Anna Maria Jopek (October  7th )

·         Marcin Pyciak (November 16th )

Culinary events:

·         13th President's Ladle Competition  – a competition for the best dish (June 11th)

·         Frutti di Lago – an ecological festival promoting healthy and balanced nutrition (August 27th)

·         Regional Honey Festival  - experts will tell about about the great value of honey.  The best apiaries from the region will serve a wide selection of this delicacy (September 16th )


The description of the most important events in Ełk:


1. RUNMAGEDDON (June 24th - 25th 2017)

An extreme obstacle course at distances of 6 km and 12 km and Kids Runmageddon only for the toughest! You do not have to be an athlete or a runner to finish RUNMAGEDDON, but you have to reach the limit of your capabilities and move it!
Competitions are open for all who want to test their strength, jumping, endurance and mental immunity. Daredevils who appear on the starting line can count on spectacular obstacles and exciting competition.


źródło MOSiR Ełk

2. "TĘCZA"/”Rainbow” International Folk Festival
(June 30
th  – July  2nd 2017)

Wonderful performances of folk shows from all over the world. Every year, in the amphitheater of Ełk Cultural Center, we can admire and experience both local and exotic folklore. It is one of the most colorful events in the city. The undoubted attraction of the Festival is the colorful parade of folk groups singing along the city streets.

Fot. M.Kromarek

3. "Ogień i Woda" / „Fire and Water” Ełk Pyrotechnic Arts Festival  (July 7th –  8th 2017)

This is one of the most interesting summer events in the north-eastern Poland. The festival creates a new quality of visual art. At one place and time fire dancers, jugglers, street performers and big stage artists (pyrotechnicians) meet to present to the public the full range of possibilities of using fire in art. The biggest attraction of the festival is the evening show - fireworks shows as a part of the competition for professional pyrotechnic companies. An additional attraction is the accompanying concerts of music stars on the city beach. This year will be: Bovska (July7th ) and Natalia Nykiel (July 8th)

4. Masurian Balloons Competition
(July 20th – 22
nd 2017 r)

Elk is an ideal place to host ballooning competitions. The location of the city gives you the opportunity to admire the magnificent views of the lake, the forests and the river from above. The event became the landmark of the city, attracting participants and spectators from all over Poland and abroad. There are competition flights, a balloon parade in the streets of Ełk and a night balloon show. Additional attraction will be the  concert of MARGARET on the city beach (July 21st).

5. "Mulatka" Masurian Cabaret Summer
(August  3
rd  –  5th 2017 )

Days filled with good humor and meeting amateur and professional cabaret groups. One of the largest cabaret reviews in Poland. The primary purpose of the review is to promote the various forms of cabaret, to inspire artists to find new forms of expression, and to improve their cabaret workshop skills in contact with already recognized cabaret makers.

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